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We advise all our visitors to carefully read out all the terms and conditions before you surf on this website. It's totally fine if you do not accept these terms, as your free "CONSENT" is important for us.

If you use this website, means you are accepting these terms stated here on this page. We offer this website, along with the information, tools and services to all the visitors. But what is important for us is your acceptance regarding our terms, conditions, policies mentioned here.

Site Access -

If you decide to visit our site freely with your consent and/ or want to buy any product or service from the site, you will be bound to accept the following terms and conditions along with those additional terms/ conditions and policies that have been stated by us.

Note: All the terms & conditions mentioned here will be applied to each and every visitors and/ or users of this site, along with the other users such as browsers, merchants, vendors, customers, and/ or contributors.

Online Buying Terms -

·   For providing you the allowance to visit our site, we will be asking you for your consent regarding your age. No minors are allowed to visit this site. You should be at least at the legal age as according to your state or province of residence.

·   As far as the use of our products and services are concerned, you may not use our products and services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. Otherwise this act will be considered as "Illegal". As no person is allowed to violate any laws in the jurisdiction.

·   Transmission of any kind of worms/ viruses or any destructive kind of codes is strictly restricted under the terms and conditions of this site.

·   We are bound to immediately terminate your Services, in case of any breach or violation of our terms and conditions.

General Conditions -

·   We have all the rights preserved for refusing or terminating any service due to any reason at any time.

·   You may have to ask us for a written permission in case you want to use our services for different purposes such as to copy, sell, resell, reproduce, duplicate or exploit any part of the service provided by us. owns all the copyrights and other intellectual property rights for all material available on this website.

·   You may use our site for your own purposes such as to print and to download any kind of material provided on this site but you are not allowed for any kind of modification on any of our content (until or unless you have our consent to do so).

·   You may not republish any material of this site online or offline without our consent.

Accuracy and Completeness of information -

·   We do not hold any responsibility or accountability in case you find any of the information available on this site inaccurate or incomplete.

·   We provide general information only, so you are advised not to rely upon the information provided here.

·   You are at your own risk if you are relying on making decisions by using the information available on this site.

·   You should be aware of the fact that the information provided on this site is for your reference only.

·   We own a right to modify any changes, any time regarding the contents of this site.

Links -

You acknowledge that may contain links directed to other sites on the web that may be owned and operated by third parties.

Site Security -

Any kind of violation or attempt of violation regarding the security of the site is strictly prohibited:

·   You may not access the data not intended for the users

·   You may not login to a server or an account if you are not authorized to access it.

·   Any kind of attempt to scan or test the vulnerability of the network or system is strictly prohibited.

·   You may not breach security or authentication measures without the proper authorization.

·   You may not send us any unsolicited email like promotional emails and/or emails regarding the advertising of products or services.

Objectionable material -

This site may contain offensive, indecent, or objectionable content. By giving us your consent, you agree to use the site and any service at your own risk.

Disputes and Jurisdiction -

In case of any breach of terms or violation of the Agreement, you may let us know in private regarding the breach and we will take minimum 89 days to investigate and rectify the errors regarding any such breach or violations.

If any kind of failure by happened, you may serve a legal notice regarding such breach or violation and we will take some further time for about 89 days to provide a clear explanation regarding the cause of the breach.

Registration on our site -

If you agree to register yourself on our site, we will be collecting your personal information like your email address and password.

You may access your registration details time-to-time and can make any changes keeping your profile up to date.

In case you want to terminate your registration by deactivating your account, you will be able to do that. You just have to click on ‘Close Account' option, and your account will be terminated from our site. For more details please visit our privacy policy.

We own all the rights to suspend or terminate your registration any time in case of any breach and violation of these Terms and conditions (or our community guidelines or in case of any reported abuse).

In case we have denied or suspended your previous registration, you may not make an attempt to re-register or submit any kind of content or use someone else's registration for accessing our site (for that purpose you will be needing our consent first).

Personal Information -

Your privacy is important for us. All the personal information provided by you is completely governed and secured under our Privacy Policy.

Changes to terms and conditions -

This is the most current form of terms and conditions by us that you are reviewing. We own all the rights, to update, change or replace any particular part of these Terms and Conditions. You can see the changes as we post all the updates and changes in our website. For reviewing the periodic changes, you may visit our site regularly. If you continue visiting or accessing our site, that means you agree with the periodical changes that may occur in the terms and conditions provided here.