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How do women have orgasms during sex?

How do women have orgasms during sex?

Much of orgasmic pleasure comes from the clitoris. We’ve got to stop putting so much pressure on women to come during penetration.

“The majority of women experience an orgasm through clitoral stimulation during sex. This is due to the number of nerve endings in the clitoral area. This stimulation whether by hand, finger, or toy can produce an orgasm during penetrative sex,” is what our experts tells us.

Every woman has unique experiences during sex. Some women can have orgasms through the G-spot alone, but most cannot. “Some can have an orgasm with the G-spot. Some can have an orgasm through the movement of the clitoris during sex. Every woman is a little different. A little special,” Goodall McDonald tells us.

The key to pleasure? Knowing your body and being aware of what sensations feel good to you.

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